blanco blanco

Deck1Ok, so for once the weatherman was right! We are in the midst of a blizzard here in Lancaster City. The mayor just issued a travel ban…no cars except emergencies. So, what’s the Historic East Side to do?! Well, for East Grant Street neighbors we started with day with Jay shoveling out our building stoop. Nancy and Bob invited a crew over for the blueberry pancakes. Music is playing and wonderful smells are filling the¬†stairway at 225. Can’t get out so why not bring the party to us!

A whiskey toast is kicking off on Floor 2 and we are all bringing food…right now it’s ravioli, chili and soup with promise of a homemade apple pie coming across the street with neighbors. We’ve got 12 city-loving friends ready to celebrate being snow-bound. Jay and Anne will be hosting tango on the 3rd floor if we can move after eating! I’m sure there will be wine and cocktails throughout the night.

That’s how we roll on the East Side. Stay safe out there and enjoy the peacefulness of a night in (or not…)

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